Confessions of an “Alt-Right” (not) Candidate

Some of you will likely get this very professionally produced postcard in the mail today from a group that will obviously do (and spend) whatever it takes not to lose their precious volunteer council seats, in our 7,000 person Borough.

So our official response to this is a resounding “no duh”. All along we’ve been saying that we me may not see eye-to-eye when it comes to national politics, but we are all UNITED FOR RIDLEY PARK. Because that’s what being neighbors is all about-putting your differences aside and coming together for the betterment of our community.

We’re Parkers first. It’s kind of the foundation of our entire campaign. Make no bones about it. We’re trying to unseat an entrenched, well funded, and obviously scared Republican machine. So yeah, this postcard happens to be true! Well, except for the “alt right” part. The Republicans are just using that language because they know it probably scares you. Spend five minutes talking to Dane and you know it’s not true.

But since they brought the subject up, you should know that our State Representative Nick Miccarelli really wanted to pull “alt right” Dane over to be one of “Nick’s Picks”, as these pre-campaign texts from Nick to Dane’s phone show. But since Dane wouldn’t play their game, we guess they don’t mind trying to drag his name through the mud along with a photo of his daughter. Another reason why it’s time for us to put an end to this junk in Ridley Park.

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