Hello!  My name is Matt Stepanic.

My wife, daughter and I have been Delco residents for the past 10 years, and had been looking for a home for several years.  We were very excited to find our new home here in Ridley Park on Barker Street in May of 2016.  My wife, Colleen, is an artist and teaches at a number of locations including Temple University and the Fleisher Art Memorial.  My daughter, Olivia, is a student at Temple University as Chemistry major.

We chose to make our home in Ridley Park because it has so many things to offer its residents. It is a very family-friendly community and a beautiful place to live.  It’s a pleasant place to walk around the neighborhoods and see how much pride people take in their gardens and homes.

I currently work for TD Bank in Mt Laurel, NJ leading a project management team working to improve the banking experience for both customers and employees.  I also help to develop and execute the strategy for our branches and ATMs, effectively deciding where we grow our business.   I have also worked with our small business customers to improve the products that we offer and as a branch manager at several locations in Delaware County.

I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio, and went to the University of Dayton where I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering.  I worked for 15 years in the auto industry for Ford and other suppliers as a supervisor for both production and the skilled trades.  I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a manufacturing engineer, and in manufacturing management.  While working for Ford, I obtained my MBA from the University of Michigan as a night student.

Even though I’ve only been a Ridley Park resident for a short period of time, I see a lack of leadership here in Ridley Park, and the natural advantages we have are being squandered by the current council who appear more interested in holding power than making Ridley better for its residents.

I see pride of ownership in the homes and yards when I walk around my neighborhood, yet I see neglect from the borough.  I would like to help make the borough an even better place for its residents; more appealing to young families and to have a more vibrant downtown.

I’ve met a lot of hard-working folks in Ridley Park, yet I see a borough that doesn’t work hard for them. I believe that borough personnel and services should be much friendlier and easier to work with, with a focus on helping you with what you need to get dome.

I believe that our taxes are too high.  I will work to ensure that, as a borough, we are spending your tax dollars efficiently, wisely and with much more transparency.  I believe that we need to work together, as a community, to revitalize the downtown area so that it better serves the community and grows the revenue base

Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know me.  I look forward to working together to make Ridley Park a better place for all of us.