Hello! My name is Mike Taddei and I am running for a mid-term / 2 year seat on Ridley Park’s Borough Council. I live on Hillside Road in the 4th precinct, with my children Sarah and Vinny.

I grew up in a little town called Maple Glen in Montgomery County. I am the oldest in a family of five. I graduated from LaSalle College High School in Wyncote, PA and then went on to earn a BA degree in English Literature from Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia. After earning my degree, I took a position with Prudential Financial working as a Systems Production Coordinator. In 2002, I took a position with a small software company in King of Prussia, which, two mergers later, evolved into the position I have today as a Corporate Educator for customers of Experian Health. My job takes me all over the country from the smallest towns in the midwest to big cities like Las Vegas, LA, and NYC.

I have lived in Ridley Park for over 18 years. I was drawn to Ridley Park when looking for a place to raise a family because of the beautiful East Lake Park area and the proximity to schools and family. The home that I selected has a nice back yard where a dad can have a catch with his son and daughter; big enough for my kids to enjoy it with their friends too, with a little basketball court in the back.

What I like best about Ridley Park is the closeness of our community both to each other as residents as well as our proximity to Philadelphia, both downtown and the stadium complex, and the airport, which is, again, very important to my day job. I view our community as close because, even though we have differences of opinion across party lines, we can talk to each other as neighbors and, I believe we can get things done together. My favorite feature of Ridley Park is the lake. I have fished in the lake with my children. I have enjoyed the fireworks at the lake with my family. I walk my dog near the lake almost everyday; if you see me, please stop me to say, “Hello” and ask me any questions you might have.

One of the most important issues in the Borough for me is the upkeep of the lake area. Things at the lake area have stagnated and, in some cases, decayed in recent years. The pump house, which could be a great venue for activities at the lake, has fallen into disrepair with the large shutter doors needing attention and one set now completely missing. Additionally, there is apparently no maintenance plan in the budget for the silt basin at the entrance to the East Lake Park area.

Another project of great importance to me is the Safe Routes to Schools initiative. Living on Hillside Road, I want to see this project implemented. I watch most everyday as school students walk in the street on their way to and from both Lakeview and the Middle School because they don’t have a choice. Traffic moves fast on Hillside because the railroad bridge where Crum Lynne Road and Haverford Avenue merge offer a convenient cut through the borough that guarantees that a poorly timed CSX train won’t mess with a morning commute.

I hope to improve the borough by working with the appropriate committees and resources to make sure we find ways to fund improvements at the lake without raising taxes, through additional grants as can be found and by better money management in our budgeting process. I look forward to working with a new, bi-partisan team in January where we will put Parkers Before Party into action.