Ridley Park Democratic Committee Endorses Dave Delloso


Ridley Park, PA, March 8th – The Ridley Park Democratic Committee today announced their support of President, Local 312, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Dave Delloso for election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 162nd legislative district.

“From his eight years in the United State Marine Corps Reserve, he knows what it means to put his fellow citizens first,” said Jeanne Frantz, chair of the Ridley Park Democratic Committee. “Since he was first elected president of the Teamsters Local 312 in 2008, Dave has been an enthusiastic supporter of the men and women who elected him to serve. He also knows what it takes to bring opposing sides to the table to effect real change, whether it’s negotiating a contract, or challenging legislators to tackle tough issues.”

“I deeply appreciate the support of the Ridley Park Democrats,” Delloso said. “For all my life, I have fought for the under-represented. I think every family in the 162nd deserves to be able to give their kids—at the very least—a better life than they’ve had. As their representative, I will help the district gain more access to commonwealth funds, deliver a fair formula for funding our schools, be open to anything that eases the burden on our seniors, and bring good jobs to the county, from good employers who are prepared to pay a livable wage and provide benefits to the people of the 162nd.”

“The job of a representative is to do just that: represent each and every single resident regardless of who they voted for. Boroughs like Ridley Park deserve to operate autonomously, whether they’re run by Republicans or Democrats, and not be subject to the resentment, rejection, or encouragement of their State Rep when it comes to local decision making. You will never see ‘Vote for Team Dave’ on a politician’s lawn sign.”

“We’re going to support him in every way we can throughout his campaign,” Frantz said of the committee’s support for Delloso. “It is time for the politics-as-usual attitude in Ridley Park to change, and Dave has proven to us that he has a vision for the district and he has the integrity to deliver. Dave Delloso will be the next representative of the 162nd—and we will help him make that happen,” Frantz said.

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