Why You Should “Like” Our Facebook Page

We want to spread the news that Ridley Democrats are a responsible and concerned organization focused on supporting effective leadership for our community, region, and nation as well as supporting a high degree of awareness by our community on issues of the day.

We post information on our website intended to inform others and to support dialog on important issues. News can spread fast and, in this age, changing the perspectives or informing just 10% of the population can dramatically shift the perspectives of the whole population.

Using the Like button will help others to know that Democrats support open dialog and that we support positive steps toward a better future.

You can also use the “Share” link, as well, from within Facebook. This allows you to target your messages directly to individuals or groups, and adds strength and credibility to your message that the topic isn’t just one that you’re interested in, but one that you feel they would directly benefit from. Something to consider.

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